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-by Ray Woodard

Disney’s interpretation of The Halloween Tree is simple, yet unique. The tree is adorned with jack-o-lanterns and lit by strings of orange and yellow lights. If you have such a tree in front of your home, this type of decoration would provide an inviting element for trick-or-treaters and catch the eyes of those passing by.
The tree, a northern red oak (Quercus rubra), is twenty feet tall and has a canopy of about twelve feet in diameter. It takes 1,500 lights and fifty painted pumpkins to decorate. The tree is decorated by Disney staff in mid September for the October holiday.
The basic concept, lighting and ornaments, can be tweaked in multiple ways. White and blue lights would complement ghosts hanging from the tree. Blue and purple lights would cast an eerie glow for witches. Add green lights for ghouls such as Frankenstein or zombies. If your tree is large you needn’t light the entire tree, light the lower branches, perhaps in a spider web pattern radiating out from the trunk as you look up from underneath the tree.

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